Check out my Wolf Guard Terminator squad from July 2004! These models are the plastic terminator models from the 2nd edition Space Hulk game from the 1990s. They're heavy converted with greenstuff furs and lots of bitz from the first Space Wolf bitz sprue. Hobbyists today don't know how lucky they are with the wealth of bitz they get on modern kits.

The first combat squad is done, now onto the second. I've started with a batch of three models, including a Plasma gunner and the Sergeant. The remaining two models will be reworks of existing paint jobs (not shown on the picture above).

So far I made good progress on the armour. I realized that MkIII armour takes much longer to paint than other marks – so many segments and rivets to pick out. Thankfully it's only one model ;) What do you think?

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